Hi to everyone. Welcome to my space SHAILAJAS PASSION. Cooking is my passion and this turned to me start blog  SHAILAJAS PASSION.I love to cook different types of cuisines and try to create innovative recipes.

I am a nutritionist by qualification, but after marriage chase to be a home maker. I love to spend my time in kitchen to create new dishes.I am a mother of three beautiful girls. I love to spend my time in kitchen to create new dishes. I love to cook with different flavors and try to make happy my family with new combinations and flavors.

My  husband gave me  all support to me start a food blog , and then www.shailajaspassion.com took birth. I believe that I am satisfying my family with my recipes. Being a food lover  I try various kinds of cuisines and I relish everything which is tasty and healthy.

Apart from cooking, my another passion is photography, I love taking pictures of nature , Ingredients and my tried recipes. At present  I am using nikon 3200 with 50 mm  prime lens.

You can get in touch with me at sailuspassion1@gmail.com or you can follow me on social platforms.

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