My husband and me both are sweet lovers, and you wont believe we complete half kg of sweets within two days and we dont get satisfied with one sweet and after meals it is incomplete  for us without having sweet. When Iam at childhood my mom used to make lots of sweets for me and i prefer to have as a evening snack while come back from school.Among all these sweets i love to eat carrot halwa, when i get married i made carrot halwa as a first sweet,my hubby loved a lot.

Beetroot is a hated vegetable in my household, I dont know why my kids dont like this vegetable but even dont like it as a salad,so i never tried to make any dishes with this veggie.But yesterday i made this delicious beetroot halwa and i didnot believed that my kids began to eat this sweet and they liked so much.


Beetroot           : 500 gms

milk                   : 3 cups

khoya /mawa     :1/4 cup

sugar                : 6 tbsp

ghee                 : 3 tbsp

cardamom        : 1/8 tsp

cashew               : 10 to 20

raisin                  : 5 to 6


1.Wash and peel the beetroots and grate in a food processor or with a grater.

2.Take a nonstick pan and add grated beetroot and milk.

3.On a medium flame keep on stirring and beetroot gets cooked in milk and keep on stirring on low flame and it starts to evaporate and it gets cooked.

4.When milk gets reduced , add ghee and sugar to the halwa.

5.Stir continuosly and continue to cook on slow flame and make sure it doesnot gets burned.

6.Add khoya to the halwa and stir well and keep on slow flame.

7.When beetroot comes to closer and all milk gets evaporated and ghee oozes to the sides of pan add cashews , raisins and cardamom powder.

8.Switch off the flame and serve the halwa as hot or cold.



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