Diwali is incomplete with sweets and saouries and iam a great fan of sweets as who always watch my blog and read my posts they know iam a sweet tooth person ,among all these I love these boondi ladoos which can be make in an hour so …yesterday I made this easy ladoo ,making round shape is not difficult part while in making ladoos but we should be cautious while making sugar syrup because when it becomes so thick it becomes tough to make round shape and they get easily dries off ,I tried so many times to make this ladoo but previous year I tried and these came very perfect.


Gram flour / besan         : 2cups

sugar                              : 2 cups

cooking soda                   : pinch

salt                                     : pinch

cashew                            : 10 to 15

raisins                             : 10

cardamom powder          :pinch

oil                          : for frying boondi


1.Sieve the besan flour and add cooking soda and salt and add required water.

2.The batter should not be too thick or thin and it should be in pouring constitency.

3.Now heat oil in a wok and when oil gets heated ,take a round laddle and drop the besan batter on  round ladle which has holes to it and pour the batter with another laddle.

4.Stir well and when boondi gets cooked remove slowly with another ladle and keep aside and drain oil using tissue paper.Repeat all this process with remaining batter and keep aside all this boondi aside.

5.Now make sugar syrup add sugar in a pan add water untill sugar immerse on pan and heat untill it forms two string constitency. You can check this while adding syrup in water and it forms like a ball then sugar syrup is ready.

6. Add pinch of cardamom powder to the syrup and mix well.

7.Now add this boondi to the sugar syrup and mix well.Add cashews and raisins and make round balls .Make sure the boondi should be warm while making ladoos otherwise we cant make ladoos and they become hard.

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