Chilli chicken is an Indo -Chinese dish paired best with fried rice or noodles but We always like to have this delicious curry with hot steamed rice or with fried rice. This recipe is a favourite for my kids and they really enjoy a lot.  This can be made both dry and wet version but I have made dry version ,mostly in restaurants they uses ajinomoto  in this dish but for healthier version I didnot used ajinomoto in my recipe.

Some uses red colour to get red colour for curry but I didn’t added any colours in my recipe .for healthier version we can also grill the chicken pieces rather than deep frying .


for marination :

boneless chicken          : 500 gms

soya sauce              : 3 tsp

corn flour              : 4 tbsp

chilli sauce           : 3tsp { I used green chilli sauce}

pepper powder : 1/2 tsp

maida                     : 4 tbsp

red chilli powder : 1/2 tsp

egg : 1

salt  as per needed

For seasoning:

soya sauce     : 2 tsp

chilli sauce     : 2tsp

vinegar  : 2 tsp

pepper powder : 1/2  tsp

for tempering:

garlic finely chopped         : 3 tsp

onion                 : 1 medium sliced

1 cup bell pepper chopped into cubes

spring onion : 2 stalks chopped into thin slices

green chillies       : 4 to 5 slit length wise

spring onion finely cut into pieces : 2 sprigs


1.Marinate the chicken pieces with soya sauce,chilli sauce,pepper powder,salt and red chilli powder and keep aside  for three to four hours atleast for two hours .

2.Add corn flour,maida,and mix well. Add one egg and mix well and keep aside for few minutes.Now  chicken get absorbed all this ingredients and then fry these chicken pieces in hot oil.

3.Heat oil in a pan when oil gets heated add chicken pieces and fry until light brown in colour.keep aside in a tissue paper.

4.Now take the excess oil from pan heat few spoons of oila and add chopped garlic pieces,spring onion,capsicum and cook for few minute until capsicum gets mushy add green chillies and add green chilli sauce,vinegar and soya sauce and mix well.

5.Add fried chicken pieces and mix well and keep stirring for few minutes. Switch off the flame serve this as a side dish or as a snack .

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