I love my regional foods and i prefer to cook mostly my regional dishes for my daily lunch and for night we like to eat some rotis and curries, I always love to eat dal which is a comfort food for me and for every alternate days i cook dal with any type of eggies mostly with leafy vegetables.Chintachiguru which is a leafy mostly available these days in our local farmer market and i make dal and even chutney also with this leafy.The tangy taste of this dal has a unique taste with combination of toor dal.


Chintachiguru              : 100 gms

Toor dal                        : 1 cup

curry leaves                 : 2 sprigs

cumin seeds                : 1/4 tsp

hing /aseafotidia           : pinch

red chillies                   : 3 to 4

salt                             : as per needed

red chilli powder             : 2 tsp

oil                                 : 2 tbsp

garlic cloves                : 3 to 4

mustard seeds          : pinch


1   Wash and cook toor dal for two to three whistles,for one cup of dal take two cups of water.

2. When dal gets cooked add cleaned and washed young tamarind leaves and add some water if dal is too thick.

3. When leaves cooked and turned to green in color add salt and red chilli powder.Cook for few minutes upto five minutes, switch off the flame.

4.Add oil in a sauce pan and add cumin seeds and mustard seeds and red chillies when they turn light brown in color add curry leaves and pinch of hing and switch off the flame.

5.Add this temper to the cooked dal and stir well. This dal taste best with steamed rice or rotis also.


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