Who doesn’t love ice creams and I am a sweet loved person in my home. I love chocolates, pastries,icecream of course. I love any type of icecreams with any flavors and I tried some ice creams also at home among those this time  I tried strawberry icecream with simple ingredients. I have some whipped cream at home which is sitting in the refrigerator, so made this easy, delicious strawberry icecream.



whipping cream                          : 1 cup { i used tropolite}

sugar                                                 : 1/2 cup

stawberries                                    : 200 gm

strawberry essence                  : 2 drops { optional}


  1. Wash and hull stawberries and pulse into puree in  a blender, keep aside.
  2. Take one cup of whipping cream and add sugar and whip for five minutes and add strawberry puree to the whipping cream and whip for two minutes untill all combines well
  3. Pour this into a loaf pan or icecream pan and put into freezer untill it sets.
  4. When it sets scoop out the icecream and serve in icecream bowls.

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