Iam very fond of sweets and desserts and as you people observe my blog most of my recipes are either sweets or any desserts and i don’t like many savoury foods , so I won’t make more savoury foods like fried foods or any chats but sometimes my kids forced to make some spicy foods and am planning to make some chat and starts in upcoming weeks .

Coming to the part of the recipe caramel sauce is a rich sweet sauce made with brown sugar, cream and butter.  This rich caramel sauce is used in many desserts and it tastes so yum and in my upcoming post iam making some yummy dessert with this caramel sauce. This yummy glazed sauce can be made in both stovetop and in the microwave also, here iam putting both stovetop and microwave version, ingredients are same for both methods.


Full cream            : 1/2 cup

Brown sugar   : 1 cup

salt : pinch

Butter : 1/4 cup unsalted


  1. Take a wide sauce pan and add butter and brown sugar , and melt on low flame and dont mix. Leave it for one minute until sugar starts melting.
  2. Add cream to this mixture and take a spatula and stir continuosly.
  3. Add pinch of salt to this mixture and now the sugar turns into golden brown in colour.
  4. Stir continuosly untill it forms like thick constitency , switch off the flame and when it gets cooled pour the caramel sauce on glass jar and store it in dark place.

Microwave method:

  1. Take a glass bowl and add butter and cream and microwave for one minute on high.
  2. After one minute take the bowl and add brown sugar and again keep in microwave for two minutes on high mode
  3. After two minutes switch off the microwave and transfer the caramel sauce to a glass jar and store in a dark place.

Notes : In this recipe i have been used dark brown sugar instead of brown sugar you can also use regular sugar

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