Festival season is on and we are ready to celebrate our new year UGADI which is on tuesday .Every year we makes sweets and some saouries for new year and we dont miss to make ugadi pachadi which iam going to post on my next post.Ugadi is a traditional telugu festival which comes on chaitra masam {first month in telugu calender} which falls on spring season .

Every year we makes traditional ugadi pachadi on this day and it is made with six different flavours which reflects six variations in our life.Apart from these we make bobbatlu {puran poli} for this festival.This year i made this kesar peda for this festival.


khoya              : 2 cups

sugar               : 1/2 cup

saffron               : 20 to 25 strands

Hot milk             : 2 tbsp

ghee                   : 1 tsp

pista                     : for garnishing


1.Soak saffron in hot milk

2.Crumble khoya

3.In a pan add khoya,sugar,and mix well.

4.Make sure to cook khoya on slow flame .

5.Let it cook upto two minutes on slow flame and sugar gets dissolved completely .Add saffron milk now and mix well.

6.Once mixture gets completely  thicken add cardamom powder .Switch off the flame.

7. When khoya is lightly warm ,knead for two minutes and ghee for rolling into shapes

8.Make a round flat disc like shape and press on the centre and arrange pista slices on top of the peda.

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