Mercury is soaring high and we are refreshing with some yummy summer drinks and juices .Kids are having holidays and they are enjoying their holidays with playing and watching cartoons and so on .My little one asked me to do some cool dessert ,yesterday so i made this yummy kesar pista kulfi .Making this kulfi is quite easy with simple ingredients and my kids enjoyed alot this yummy dessert .


Milk             : 3 cups

Saffron       : 10 strands

Sugar         : 1/4 cup

pista            : 2 tbsp

Fresh cream   : 1/2 cup


1.In a heavy bottomed vessel boil milk . When milk gets boiled add cream and stir well.

2.Meanwhile soak saffron in some warm milk .

3.Add sugar to the boiled milk and stir well.After few minutes when sugar gets dissolved add cardamom powder and pista to the boiled milk mixture.

4.Now switch off the flame when it gets boiled and let it be cool for few minutes.

5.Now pour this milk mixture to the kulfi moulds and keep all moulds in fridge for seven to eight hours or overnight.

6.Remove moulds from fridge after eight hours and unmould and garnish kulfi with some saffron strands.

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