Laapsi halwa or daaliya halwa is a delicious spread made with roasted wheat rava[daaliya] and sugar.Basically, me and my husband are sweet toothie persons and we really love to have more sweets and desserts than some savories.  I make one type of sweet atleast in a week so this time I made this easy delicious halwa.

Recently we made some pooja at a temple and there the priests offered us prasad this halwa but we ate it in less proportion so my kids asked me to do this sweet, this recipe is quite easy to prepare and can be made with simple ingredients …


Wheat rava/daaliya         : 1 cup

sugar     : 3/4 cup

ghee    : 4 tbsp

raisins   : 1 tbsp

cashews  : 1 tbsp

melon seeds : 1/2 tsp

cardamom powder : pinch


1.Heat a pan and add ghee. When ghee gets heated add cashews,raisins,melon seeds, and saute well until they turn brown in color.

2.Add broken wheat rava in the same pan and roast until it changes its color into light brown color.

3.Add three cups of water and stir well.

4.When water gets boiled and  rava  mixture comes to closer , add sugar and stir well.

5. Add pinch of cardamom and stir well,when ghee oozes from sides of mixture switch off the flame and take the halwa into a serving bowl.


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