I love to have chia during my breakfast and I love to have this seeds with overnight oats along with some fruits and these are very good for health .Yesterday i have made this pudding with mangoes and my husband loved a lot .Chia seeds are closely resembles to basil seeds but these are entirely different and these are little expensive than basil seeds here I have used organic chia seeds {By nature} . These seeds are rich in omega3 fatty acids and rich in vitamin B and minerals ,which are very good for health.Mangoes and chia seeds are  vey good combination, and these both are good for health.


Mangoes            : 2 finely blended into puree

Milk                     : 1/2 litre

Chia seeds         : 4 tablespoons

sugar                 : 2 tablespoons

vanilla extract  : 1 or 2 drops

Mango pieces   : 1 finely chopped  {for garnishing}

Chopped nuts    : 1 tablespoon [cashew and almonds]


1 . Boil milk in a sauce pan and when milk gets boiled keep them aside and let it be cool.

2. Cut mangoes and blend finely into a puree add sugar if needed which i mentioned above if mangoes are not so sweet .I used alphonso mangoes so i skipped to add sugar.

3.Add chia seeds to the milk when the milk gets cooled. Add 2 drops of vanilla extract to the milk and stir gently.

4.  Now take  four glasses and add mango puree in the glass and then add milk mixture and  add chopped mango pieces on the above of the glasses and garnish with some nuts.


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