Summer is incomplete to me without lassis and we always enjoy lassi during lunch hours,here I came up with mango lassi with cardamom and saffron. Though my kids are not lassi lovers but my husband loves lassi and curd alot,Exactly I cant say reason but my kids donot like to eat curd since from their childhood may be it came genetically came to them through me …yes i dont eat like to curd but i love lassi and raitha too but dont prefer to eat plain curd . We are eating mangoes in so many forms and kids loves this king fruit alot we prefer to eat rasalu mostly and then we get banganepalli mangoes also.My kids are haing holidays and my work is not completing upto noon during holiday they wokeup so late …all work gets delay to me during these holiday days.


Mangoes                 : 1 cut into cubes

curd                          : 1/2 cup

saffron                       : 10 strands

cardamom powder    : pinch

water                        : 1 cup


1.Wash and chop mango .Cut into cubes and put on blender.

2.Soak saffron in a tablespoon of milk and add this saffron into curd .

3.Add a pinch of cardamom powder into curd and blend well with water.

4.Garnish with some saffron and chopped nuts and serve chilled.You can add some ice cubes while blending and some for garnishing also..



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