Its already june but still we are having high temperatures and we refreshing our body with some icecreams and juices and having some salads.

Mangoes are flooded with mangoes and we are taking this fruit in various types while I have made some mango sorbet with my new kitchen gadget kitchenif icecream maker.

Sorbet is a summer dessert made with any fruit and mixing it with some sugar syrup and lemon juice, my kids enjoyed a lot having this summer dessert and it tasted awesome.

Recently I got kitchenif icecream maker for a review and thought to make some icecreams and sorbets with this new ice cream maker and it worked very well and my next recipe will be  some ice cream.


Mango pulp     : 2 cups

sugar                : 1/2 cup

water            : 1/2 cup

lime juice       : 1 tbsp


1.Cut the mango and squeeze out all pulp and blend well and it looks like a puree.

2. Take a sauce pan and heat water and sugar and let it boil and all sugar gets melted.

3. Add lime juice and mix well and add this sugar liquid into mango pulp and chill in fridge for one hour.

4. Now take out the mango pulp and pour this in  icecream maker and mix well  and switch on the machine and set the time upto twenty minutes .

5.Pour this mixture into aluminium mould or in any other airtight container and freeze until it gets firm or leave it overnight.

6.Scoop out the sorbet and serve it cool and chill.

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