Murukku is a must savory item made during every festival especially for diwali, I am quite busy with my diwali preparations and  I made this at night time due to my hectic work.Everyone  will be busy during before festival cleaning their houses arranging things in proper way and making some sweets and snacks.This murukku is a popular snack item in southern parts and in our telengana we call this as chegodilu.We can eat this as evening snack item also with a cup of tea.This traditional snack made with rice flour along with some besan flour and pressed the dough with murukku maker.


Rice flour        : 2 cups

Besan                 : 1/2 cup

Butter                : 2 spoons

Water                 : 1 1/2 cup

Turmeric powder : 1/4 tsp

cumin seeds            : 1/2 tsp

Red chilli powder     : 2 tsp

Salt             : as per needed

Oil            : for deep frying


  1. Take a wide bowl and add rice flour and besan .
  2. Add butter and turmeric powder,and mix well ao that no lumps are not formed it should be crumble in texture.
  3. Add red chilli powder,salt and cumin seeds and slowly add water to the mixture.
  4. Make a smooth dough and keep aside for twenty minutes.Cover the dough with wet cloth and after twenty minutes  make into balls.
  5. Take the murukku maker and insert star shape nozzle into the murukku maker and put some dough into the murukku maker.
  6. Heat a wok and pour oil for deep frying and when oil gets heated slow down the flame.
  7. Take a ladle and press the dough into circle shape into the ladle and slowly dip the shaped dough into hot oil .
  8. Stir slowly for few minutes and flip to both sides until the murukku turns into brown in color.Thats it enjoy your murukku with some tea during tea time as a snack.



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