Undrallu is a traditional dish made during Ganesh chavithi in our  region ,we make different types of undrallu and among those paala undrallu are mostly made .These are made with rice flour and cook this dumplings in boiled milk and served to lord ganesha during festival.Though some make with jaggery but I used sugar in my recipe. Lord ganesha loves laddus,undrallu and modaks.


For rice balls :

Rice flour      : 1/2 cup

water            : 1 cup

ghee           : 1tsp

salt             pinch

For creamy sauce:

milk    : 1 1/4 cup

sugar   : 1/2 cup

fresh coconut : 1/2 cup

cardamom powder : 1/4 tsp


1.Add water ,salt and spoon of ghee.Bring water to boil and when water gets boiled turn off the flame.

2.Now take the rice flour and mix well ,add boiled water to the flour and mix well with spatula to form a smooth dough.Let it be cool for three minutes the dough should be soft and sticky .

3.Make small balls when they are little bit warm and keep covered with a wet cloth.This makes the balls doesnot gets dry.

4.Now take a pan boil milk and when they milk gets boiled add sugar and coconut and boil for 2 to 3 minutes.

5.Now slowly add rice balls to the milk and let them cook for ten minutes on low flame.When they gets cooked add cardamom powder and switch off the flame and serve them to lord ganesha.


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