I love to eat fruits especially in summer season more than rice and veggies, sometimes i skip breakfast and eat some fruits along with some milk and nuts.Pineapple is my favourite fruit for me and i always to prefer to drink pineapple juice than any another juices,we eat just raw fruit with some salt also.Yeterday i made this agua fresca with pineapples.

Agua fresca is a american drink which is made with any seasonal fruits and some chilled water with crushed icecubes and some herbs like mint leaves.Here i made with pinapple but you can make with strawberries,mangoes,muskmelon,papaya also.


Pineapple           : 1 whole large fruit {makes 5 cups of pieces}

water                   : 4 cups

sugar                  :1/2 cup

ginger                : 2teaspoon

icecubes            :  few


1.Take a blender and pineapple chunks, sugar and water .Blend well

2.Add some grated ginger and ice cubes and blend well.You can make this in batches if necessary .

3.Strain through strainer and pour in tall glass and arrange ice cubes on top of the glass.


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