Today is mothers day and the whole world celebrating the mothers day..well today iam posting these traditional two dishes from telangana and andhra cuisines.I like to dedicate these two recipes for two beautiful woman in my life…. one my mother and another my mother in law…

Sarva pindi which is also known as tapala chekka in telangana region  and it is a snack which is mostly made in every house in telangana region .This recipe closely resembles to akki roti {recipe of karnataka} but there they add dill leaves to akki roti whereas in telangana they make with curry leaves and onion and green chilly paste.This recipe I learnt from my mother in law ,she is a wonderful woman in my life and all my cooking I learnt from her only she cooks well non veg dishes and some traditional recipes too which are very famous in telangana cuisine.


Rice flour                   : 2 cups

seame seeds           : 1/2 tsp

chana dal/bengal gram dal :  3 tbsp [soak ten minutes in water}

onion                        : 1 {crush in grinder for few seconds}

salt           : as per needed

red chilli powder    : 2 tsp

or green chillies  : 4 to 5

curry leaves      : finely chopped 2 sprigs

water            : 1/2 cup


  1. Sieve the rice flour and keep aside.
  2. Soak chana dal for few minutes nearly fifteen minutes
  3. Take a wide bowl and add rice flour and salt and mix well.
  4. Add sesame seeds and soaked chana dal and mix together, add crushed onion paste and green chilly paste and mix well.
  5. If not using green chilli paste add red chilli powder and curry leaves and mix well.
  6. Now slowly add water and mix and knead the dough like a smooth dough.The dough should not be hard or not so smooth.It should be soft and cover the dough with a wet cloth for few minutes.
  7. Now take a tawa {iron tawa}works best add some oil nearly one tablesppon and arrange the dough in centre and press it with fingers and spread it like chapathi and make some holes to the dough in centre and pour some oil in the middle of holes and now keep this tawa on stove and heat it on low flame and cover with a lid .The dough gets cooked when it gets cooked on one side then flip to another side.
  8. When the dough gets cooked completely take them in a plate and let the tawa gets cooled repeat the same process with remaining dough make sure the tawa gets cooled when you are making another one otherwise due to heat the dough gets harder when you put on hot griddle and it cant form shape.

9.Serve this sarva pindi along with green chutney or onion chutney or eat as  plain during tea hours.



Before my marriage I never went to kitchen and my mom never tells me to help her in kitchen ,Even i dont know how to make tea atleast before my marriage all house hold works done by mother herself and she never tried to give works for me ,she has lots of patience and never scolded me for not doing any works .My mother is from andhra and she cooks very well some vegetarian andhra cuisines especially roti pachallu {chutneys which are made using mortar and pestle} they tastes really  awesome and i love her chutneys alot. Chalimidi is a andhra dish which is made especially during festivals and baby shower celebrations in andhra region.This recipe I learnt from her and I really love this sweet ,this dish is mainly made with rice flour , jaggery/sweet and coconut, but some uses jaggery instead of sugar.Making this sweet is quite easy and Iam sure you will love this sweet .



Rice flour                  : 1 cup

sugar                      : 3/4 cup

fresh grated coconut    : half coconut

cardamom powder       pinch

cashew pieces       : 10


  1. Wash and soak rice for two hours and strain all water and spread rice in a cloth.
  2. When all water drains out pulse the rice in a blender into fine powder.
  3. Now take a sauce pan and add half cup of water and sugar until all sugar melts keep stirring.
  4. When sugar syrup forms into thick mixture add coconut pieces and mix properly add  rice flour and fold gently to form thick mixture.
  5. Heat a pan and add a tablespoon of ghee and add cashews and roast until light brown in color.
  6. Add this cashews to the dough and mix gently. Serve this chalimidi when its or hot or cold.


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