Here mercury is roaring high and we making big batches of lemonades and juices to cool our body.Shikanji is a lemonade made with indian masalas and lemons.Lemon which is a rich source in vitamin C helps to cool our body temperature and helps us to get rid of dehydration.I always stock my fridge with lots of lemons and I usually drink sweet lemon juice with a spoon of honey at morning hours.


Shikanji is a mix of spices and lemon juice and it is perfect for this summer …my kids wont prefer to drink lemon juice but for me its a super drink during summer days.


Lemon              : 2

chilled water     : 4 glass of water

rock salt           :1/2 tsp

black pepper powder : 1/2 tsp

ice cubes            : 10

mint leaves     : few sprigs for garnish


1.Take a glass jar and add squeezed lemon juice and chilled water.

2.Add rock salt and pepper powder and mix well.

3.Add ice cubes and pour on glass tumblers and garnish with mint leaves.

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