I love to eat leafy veggies and mostly cook this spring onion . Spring onion is most favorite leafy vegetable and I cook egg burji with spring onion . Last week I tried this leafy veggie with tofu and it tasted best with rotis. Tofu is my favorite and it contains high protien content than paneer .Tofu contains high amount of calcium and vitamin D which is ery essential for developing kids , so I prefer like to cook which are healthy and nutritious to kids.

Every alternate days we like to eat any vegetables  otherwise my family loves to eat non veg dishes especially chicken . My kids love to eat leafy vegetables with dal or simple fry tossed with garlic ,but when I made this curry its became favorite to them and started to enjoy with rotis.


Spring onion                 : 250 gms

Crumbled tofu              : 1/2 cup

Onions                               : 1 large finely chopped

Green chillies                : 4 slit large

Red chilli powder           : 1 tsp

Salt                           : as per needed

Oil                                 : 2tbsp

Garam masala          : 1 tsp

Turmeric powder        : 1/4 tsp

Cumin seeds             : 1/2tsp

Mustard seeds         : 1/4 tsp


1. Wash spring onion and finely chop into small pieces. Chop onions and slit green chillies.

2. Heat a large wok and add oil , when oil gets heated add mustard seeds and jeera.

3.When they gets splutter add chopped onions and green chillies toss well

4.When onions get turn light brown in color add spring onion and mix well.

5.Cook for few minutes  and mix well and when the leafy comes to closer add turmeric,salt,and red chilli powder.

6.Cook for few minutes and when it comes to closer add crumbled tofu and mix well.

7.When raw smell disappear from tofu add garam masala  and stir well for few more minutes.Now switch off the flame and serve this curry with hot steamed rice or rotis


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