Homemade jams are always favourite ones in my home, kids love jams and spreads and I tried making simple homemade strawberry jam without using any flovours and preseratives , I even not used pectin also in my jam.Strawberries are favourite fruit among my children so I like to do any items with this fruit,yesterday I made strawberry jam .It stays so fresh upto six months when keep in refrigerator.


strawberries          : 500 gm

sugar                          : 400 gm

lime juice          : 1 full


  1. Wash and hull the strawberries, pat dry in a kitchen towel.keep aside for an hour.

2.Take a non stick pan and add strawberries and sugar and mix well. Heat on low flame untill sugar melts.

3.It takes ten minutes on low flame  to melt sugar.When sugr melts add lime juice and cook for few minutes,stir gently and make sure it doesnot gets burn.


4. When jam comes to closer switch off the flame and when it gets cooled transfer the jam into cleaned glass jar. Store in refrigerator , it remains fresh for six months when refrigerated.

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