Lemonades are perfect for summer and I always make lemonades during summer and its high in hyderabad and we are refreshing with some cool lemonades and smoothies to control our body temperature, Basically iam a lemonade fan I used to drink simple lemon drink on empty stomach with honey during my college days ,It helps to reduce overweight and also avoid constipation .Watermelon lemonade is a perfect thirst quencher during summer days it also helps to cool our body .Here we are getting plenty of watermelons so I made this refreshing drink for this summer.


Watermelon              : 1 whole

sugar syrup               : : 1/2 cup

lime juice                    : 1 whole lemon

ice cubes                  : few


1.In a blender take watermelon , lime juice and sugar syrup and blend well.

2.Add some ice cubes  while blending .Pour in a mason jars or glasses and garnish with icecubes and lemon .

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